Thursday, June 7, 2012

WALNUT & ALMOND are closed for the moments. Busy with new 'project', my baby girl Imaan Soffiya. I'll be back on July with new, fresh and gorgeous cakes and cupcakes, Insya-allah. So stay tuned. :)

Thank you


Monday, February 13, 2012

A very delicious cake covered with cream cheese and choc.ganache and fresh strawberries.

Engagement Cake-Blue theme

Happy Belated Annivesary, Dear!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Repeat order from kak Molek. Maaf sgt2 sbb ada benda yg tertinggal xsempat nk buat. My mistake sbb totally lupe nk tanya what time nk pickup, demn.

Moist choc. cake+ fresh strawberries+chocolates+love letter

Makan-makan di office

Thanks Ijat for your order.
Sorryla lmbt ckit. Hope menepati citarasa :)

Mixed of red velvet and moist choc cupcakes.

Red Velvet & Fruit tart

16 pcs 'M' size red velvet

50 pcs fruit tart

2-tier Pink Wedding Cake

Alhamdulilah 2 days in row I've managed to finished both cake, hantaran and for cutting cake session. Both using steam buttercream method which I learnt from my sifu, Kak Lea Oven. tak sia2 beli DVD from her. Thank you so much akak. First time buat terus utk hantaran, xde test2..hehehe

Pengantin berposing utk sesi potong cake.

Steme buttercream cake-Blue Hantaran

Finally my fren mengakhiri zaman bujang diorang. Bercinta sejak dr zaman sekolah and alhamdulilah semuanya dah selamat.
Congrats Emi & Azizi.

blue theme for hantaran

Happy Father's Day Celebration

Thank you so much for those yg sudi order during Father's Day yg lepas.
Thank you for all your support. 

Thanks Farihan

Thanks kak Molek

Thanks to anak2 pakcik Salim's :)

Customized Box