- Carrot cupcakes in pink -

Sunday, January 31, 2010

'M' size - 16pcs
Carrot cupcakes

:: Doorgift ::

Walnutandalmond offer few options for doorgift that can suit with your theme, function and your budget of course. 

Dome casing with ribbon

Wedding box 1

Wedding box2

:: Nikah Doorgift-Pink & Gold ::

This entry is like first big project (not so big actually..hehehe) for Walnutandalmond. Raihan order 50pcs moist choc cupcakes with dome casing and ribbon for her nikah ceremony. Congrats Raihan!!! Previously her sister ordered carrot cake for Engagement also in pink color. Guess she love pink so much.
Thank you Raihan coz sudi ordered from Walnutandalmond. Hope everything suit your requirements. :)

'S' size - 50pcs
Moist choc cupcakes
Buttercream with dome casing & ribbon

- Happy Birthday Ekin -

Ordered from Taufik for his sister. Taufik is best fren to my little brother. He said he want design ala-ala Kak Ita, but honestly it is quite difficult for me especially the LOVE part. It took few time for me to get this 'perfect' love. :).
Hope Taufik and his family enjoy the cuppies and thanks for your order. 

p/s: jgn lupe order lai yer Taufik...:)

'M' size - 16 pcs
Moist choc cupcakes 
Choc ganache + buttercream + fondant

:: Pot Luck ::

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kawan2 husband organize Pot luck...so I decided to bring some desserts :) Carrot cake, cupcakes n marble cheese brownies, but I forgot to snap pictures of brownies...anyway food smlm sume best2...nasi ayam, buhin sup, samosa n pudding...

'M' size - 25pcs
Moist Chocolate cupcakes

8" Carrot Walnut Cakes
Cream Cheese frosting

-White-Orange Cuppies-

Friday, January 22, 2010

White-orange cuppies, interesting huh? Teringat lak zaman2 Zahid masa AF dulu n Mom's Chicken Rice (Linda Onn)..hehehe....received order from Effa, a friend to my close friend Wawa...she want design as 'Mrs. Edward'...so here it is...Effa siap mention twice if not mistaken tema kaler white n orange...hehehe....but I supposed to arrange the last cupcake as 'ZE' not 'EZ' sorry ya...Thanks Effa...nice to meet u....:)

'M' size - 25 pcs
Moist Choc cupcakes
Buttercream + Fondant

:: Makan-makan cuppies ::

Monday, January 18, 2010

Received order from my wedding photographer Zulkiflee Ahmad. He said ada org nk try my cuppies for mkn2....tema suke hati jugak...so i decide to try new color..burgundy...and mix with purple...actually this cuppies rupenya utk anak buah dia Ila...Thanks Ila for your order...if suke jgnlupe order lai yer..:)

'S' size - 50 pcs
Vanilla & moist choc. cupcakes

:: Birthday & Wedding Cuppies ::

This time for my youngest brother. Nk bw cupcakes utk kwn2 dia kat sekolah sempena birthday dia yg lepas br2 ni...Happy 17th Birthday...dia kata tema suka hati..so here it is....

S size - 50pcs
Vanilla cupcakes

Yang bwh ini pulak for my fren yg baru jer melangsungkan perkahwinannya Ahad lepas, Congratulations to Paku. But actually xikut theme dia pun..huhu....

 S size - 16pcs
Vanilla cupcakes

:: Happy New Year 2010 ::

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hopefully still not too late to wish everyone happy new year. :) Wish that 2010 could be better year for all of you out there and for Walnutandalmond itself :)
So I'll start this year entry with order from Farah. She want birthday cake for her daughter, Tasneem Athirah. Such a sweet name and quit long for me...hehehehe. Farah want polkadots theme and request base of cake green and polkadots in colourful. Hope that you like the cake.

9" Buttercake with orange filling
Topping: buttercream with fondant

This set for my other auntie...:) sempena birthday dia las week...Finally I'm able to make these roses..heheheh....