Wedding Cupcakes

Friday, February 19, 2010

This one mmg x-tra, thinking of nk bg present kat someone but suddenly my auntie kat kg called asked if I have x-tra cuppies coz my auntie ada catering and the family want something like dessert to put at Meja Makan Pengantin. Luckily the theme almost sama. :)
So I've decided to put in dome casing with dolly paper in it. 

X-tra, X-tra, x-tra...

Below are few sets yg x-tra that has been sold. Thank you to all...:)

SOLD to Intan Farkhana
'M' size - 16pcs
Carrot/walnut and moist choc 

Actually yg bwh ini bukanla x-tra tapi mmg Fendi oder utk makan2 family dia...:) Thanks Fendi, Hope ur family suke...

'M' size - 16pcs
Orange cupcakes

SOLD to Kak Erni
'M' size - 16pcs
Carrot/walnut and moist choc

:: Merisik-Engagement-Merisik ::

Seems like kesempatan holiday baru2 ini sume org menggunakan sebaiknya. Ada yg merisik, bertunang n xlupe jugak yg berkahwin...Congrats!!! Walnutandalmond also received ordered for the memorable occassion.

Fendi ordered this set for his future family-in-law during merisik. Congrats!! xsangka Fendi bakal berkahwin ngan bdk kecik(oppsss, xleh panggil budak kecik dah :))Hope everything suits Fendi's taste.

'M' size-25 pcs
Mix of vanilla n orange cupcakes

Below are ordered from Kak Erni for her brother. Theme is chocolate and gold. When mention 'gold theme' I feel like so damn hard for me. But I've tried my best to fulfilled my customer wish. Hope this suits with your theme. Congrats to Seri & Zumairi. 

'M'size - 25 pcs
Vanila and moist choc. cupcakes

This one kind of ad-hoc order. Tapi sebabkan best fren punye psl ku turutkan jua. Congrats to Azizi n Nurhelmi. Soon they will engage, hopefully everything berjalan lancar. Insya-allah. This is from Azizi to his future wife :) during the merisik masa Raya Cina baru2 ini.

'M' size - 16pcs
Vanilla cupcakes

Happy Birthday Mimi

This set delivered to CIMB head office at SOGO area. Total 50 pcs of vanila, moist choc and carrot and walnut cuppies. 25 pcs arrange in box with Happy Birthday Mimi and the other 25 put in dome casing.

.: Hepi Besday Mama :.

This set is ordered from Mr. Haslimi. Kenalan pada my auntie punye member...(is it rite?hehe) utk wife dia. Request pink n his wife really love chocolate thats why I suggest topping with ganache...:)Hopefully everything suits ur taste. Delivered dekat rumah dia nun kat Zoo sana...leh kata tul2 sebelah zoo coz ada bird cage kat sebelah tuh...huhuhu...(yeah, I do delivery with minimum charges).
Thanks Mr. Harlimi...

'M' size - 16pcs
Moist choc cupcake with ganache

: Rainbow in Garden -

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ordered from Kak Nor...32 pcs mix of vanila and chocolate...for her daughter, utk dibawa ke taska...Kak Nor asked to put in dome casing...Thanks ya..:)

- Carrot cupcakes in Blue -

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

- Happy Birthday Ayu -

This one from my auntie. Order for her best fren. Carrot & walnut cake with cream cheese topping. Tapi yg kurang beshnya, gmbr xbape cun sbb size sgt kecil....that is the best I can guys, if you interested to oder something like this, please send me original image or at least image that has more than 300kb.

p/s: kredit to Eleafrost for the perferct edible. :)

Bwh ini pulak order tambahan, nk cuppies utk letak keliling cake tuh...hehehe

'S' size - 25pcs
Vanilla cupcakes

:: Cadbury cupcakes ::

This is for Ajad. Dia kata tgk ni cam sgt2 menarik n sedap...(mmg pun)...hehehe...Penuh lemak berkrim....Thanks Ajad..nnti order lai yer ..hehehe :)

'L' size - 16pcs
Moist choc cupcakes + ganache + buttercream + cadbury