Wedding Cupcakes

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is for my best frens, Zati...congrats for both of u...:)....xtaula kena ke tak ngan tema yg dia nak...ini pun last minute punye first fondant cupcakes...still need improvement...need a lot more practice...:)

Edible Cupcakes-Kak Emmy

Specially made for my cousin, Kak Emmy sempena birthday dia yg ke....hehehehe...DBSK theme...feveret bands dia...hehehe

Birthday Cupcakes-Kak Ija

This is another last minute order. SMS me and wish that I have extra cupcakes for her. Lucky for her mmg ada pun...hehehe...Hope Kak Ija suke sbb mmg ini jerla yg termampu in short notice.

Happy Birthday Edible Cakes-Firman

Never thaught that I can made this case in short notice. Seriously mmg singkat sgt waktu, xtaula ownernya puas hati ke tak..hehehe...dpt email dr Kak Farah (from Puchong Perdana if not mistaken). Dia kata utk birthday anak dia nk bw sekolah, dia dah ada edible image ni lama dah, tapi org yg sepatutnya buat cake ni wen tfor 3 weeks training. First time buat wif edible nih, alhamdulila everything ok. Thanks a lot to Kak Farah for give me her trust to finish this cake. Thank you so much. (me: not satisfied with wording, still learning..:()

Happy Birthday-Dzakirin and Damia's Birthday

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birthday cake for Damia n Dzakirin. Since sorang boy and sorang lai girl, so here it is. hehehe. Kek ini utk open house cum birthday sepupu masa Deepavali rituh.

:: Cupcakes Menu & Price ::

A. Buttercream Topping
Moist Chocolate cupcakes
Vanilla flavor cupcakes
Orange flavor cupcakes 
a. Small size solo cup (5 cm (W) x 3 cm (H) )
· 16 pcs / box = RM35.00
· 25 pcs / box = RM52.00
b. Medium size solo cup (5.5 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H) )
· 16 pcs / box = RM40.00
· 25 pcs / box = RM63.00
· 36 pcs / box = RM85.00
c. Large solo cup (6 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H) )
· 16 pcs / box = RM50.00
· 25 pcs / box = RM75.00
B. Cream Cheese Topping
Carrot & Walnut cupcakes
a. Small size solo cup (5 cm (W) x 3 cm (H) )
· 16 pcs / box = RM42.00
· 25 pcs / box = RM64.00
b. Medium size solo cup (5.5 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H) )
· 16 pcs / box = RM52.00
· 25 pcs / box = RM75.00
· 36 pcs / box = RM98.00
c. Large size solo cup (6 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H) )
· 16 pcs / box = RM60.00
· 25 pcs / box = RM90.00

* Add RM0.30 for dome casing
* Add RM1.30 per pcs for edible image