How to Order

:: Important ::

1. Please place order at least 4 days in advance for small order and 3 weeks in advance for large order.
2. Any cancellation order MUST be made by SMS not by EMAIL and at least 3 days before pick up or delivery date.
3. Orders will only be processed once FULL payment is received. Please bank in the total payment to the account.
4. Please made FULL payment 3 days before pick up date.
5. Price may subject to change from time to time.
6. Please send separate email if your order have your own edible picture and the size of the picture must at least>300kb.

P/S: Do remind me via SMS for delivery or pickup at least 1 day before.


Phone No:
Pickup/Delivery(if delivery kindly mention address & time):
Item: Cake/Cupcake/Brownies/Tart etc.
Theme(if any):
Details of item: such as wording, topping etc.