Happy Birthday Mak

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Repeat order from Kak Raja Rafidah. Thanks Kak Raja :)

1 kg moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache as topping
Fresh strawberries + chocolate candies

:: Sanah Helwa Walid ::

Ordered from Aishah. Want red velvet cake for his husband. Wanna M&M candies as decoration. Actually this cake dah kena tocuh-up sbb berlakunya satu incident yg tak disangka maka terjadila deco yg simple ini. Hope Aishah ok with it. :) Sanah Helwa Walid means Happy Birthday Ayah..(betulkan? )

Thanks for your order Aishah

1kg Red Velvet Cake with Cream cheese topping + M&M deco

:: Weekend Event ::

Happy Brithday Thye Sim

Ordered from Charlene for her boyfriend who loves Manchester United. It is quit difficult for me since she want MU logo but not edible. So I came out with MU hand drawn. Mmg susah since inila first time draw. So nervous nk tulis perkataan Manchester tu sbb size cuppies pun agak kecil.
Glad that Charlene and her boyfriend loves it.

* bf like the cupcakes very much. It's lovely...N the hand drawn logo! Well done...:) will definitely order from you in the future. Thanks! - Charlene's testimonial.

Thanks again Charlene.

25 pcs - 'S' size
Moist chocolate cupcakes

:: New in Store-part 2 ::

Cornflakes Cluster Praline

Cornflakes with almond strip + nutella paste
50 pcs - RM 38
Interested? Send ur orders at walnutnalmond@gmail.com

Chocolate Tart

Minimum order 50 pcs - RM 35
Interested? Send ur orders at walnutnalmond@gmail.com

Brownies & Tartlets

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Received order for kenduri aqiqah.
4 brownies(forgot to snap pictures), 50 pcs blueberry cheese tart & 50 pcs fruit tart.
Thanks to the person who ordered these. :)

:: Pink & Green Engagement ::

Congratulations to Wafy & Ila. Order from Kak Raja Rafidah for her brother.
Luckily I managed to order customized box from Suezir Box. Thanks a lot.

25 pcs 'M' size
Moist choc cupcakes + fondant

Free Theme

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thanks to kak Raja Rafidah Rooshdi for your order. She ordered for makan2 family sempena engagement her brother. Hope you like it.

25 pcs 'M' size
vanilla cupcakes

50 pcs 'M' size
moist choc cupcakes + choc ganache + buttercream

25 pcs 'M' size
carrot walnut cupcakes + cream cheese topping

Extra Cuppies

Ini pulak set extra. My brother in law dah bw g opis dia.

25 pcs 'M' size
moist choc cupcacakes + buttercream topping