Re-introducing - :: Marble Cheese Brownies ::

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just wanna tell everyone that walnutandalmond got something that suit for your tea treat with family & friends. Re-introducing (why re-introduce coz actually mmg ada jual pun b4 this, just nk put picture this time) Marble Cheese Brownies

10" x 10"
RM 33 

Romantic Cake & Pricess Cupcake

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This one for Kak Long Wawa...Thanks Kak Long n ur baby sgt2 cute okay? hehehe...
Senang betul jadi couple inila coz husband n wife tarikh birthday dekat2..sorang 28 March n sorang lai 29 budget kan? hehehe....nk romantic cake katanya..harap2 ini romantic ok...Mula rasa pening gak camne nk design kasi romantic punye...hope everything suits ur taste...tq so much

11" carrot cake & walnut with cream cheese frosting
1.8 kg

Ini pulak 4 her daughter. Katanya minat sgt ngan princess..biasala bdk pompuan skang sume klu leh nk princess..hehehe...

16 pcs - 'M' size
Moist choc cupcakes

Guitar Cake

Salam utk semua. Here are few updates that happens last week.
Syasya ordered for her hubby. Her order kinda like last minute but since I've same order on that day and don't want to disappoint her, so Alhamduliah I managed to get her cake done. But there's a sedikit xpuas hati sbb ada 'kecacatan' ckit..aih, well it happens...
Syasya request guitar. Oh, how I'm gonna do a guitar? haha...I take that challenge and here it is. Guitar xseberape from me...:)
Happy Belated Birthday Paku

8' carrot & walnut cake with cream cheese frosting
1 kg

Football or Baby Shoes?

I feel quite proud of myself jugakla coz able to do complete this order. (kasi up diri sendiri ckit, hehe). Myra ordered for her beloved fiancee. Sgt senang cooperate ngan dia ni sbb dia dah tulis siap2 pe dia nk how much n design sekali. Kan best klu sume customer Myra..hehehe...she wants football shoes...termenung gak memikirkan camne la nk wat kasut bola...hahaha...mula2 wat rasa cam kasut baby pun ada...but alhamdulilah, Myra puas hati ngan hasil first figurine..hahaha...

Thanks Myra for ur order...:)

16 pcs - 'M' size
Moist choc cupcakes + sugarpaste + edible

Happy Birthday Myra-Pink & White

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ordered from Mrs Azwin who still expecting her baby in anytime soon for her fren cum officemate, Myra. Request pink and white theme, Hope Myra enjoy the surprise. :)

'S' size- 25pcs
Mixed moist choc & orange cupcakes

Special packaging for Myra with a simple birthday card.

Cadbury Sweet 17

This set is kinda an ad-hoc order and special. Moist choc cupcakes with cadbury. Thanks Kak Ayu for your order. 

Cream-O @ Oreo

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sorry coz lama xupdate...rasa cam mls ckit..hahaha....anyway, just wanna share few picture form my previous order...this set is for Afiqah...sori yer sbb lmbt upload...she request Cream-O cuppies...mula2 ingat Cream-O and Oreo is the same thing, rupenya lain...n of course price pun lain...huhu...simple n easy to finish her cuppies coz she already gave me sketch of the design...hope everything suits ur taste n design :) Thanks...

Happy Birthday Danish-Ben 10 Edible cake

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alhamdulilah, I'm able to finished this cake for En Zulkarnain from CIMB Balakong. Ordered moist chocolate cake for his son Danish. Thanks for your order. Hope everything suits what you need. :)

p/s: credit for Eleafrost for superb edible image even in short notice. Thank you so much