Happy Birthday Edible Cakes-Firman

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Never thaught that I can made this case in short notice. Seriously mmg singkat sgt waktu, xtaula ownernya puas hati ke tak..hehehe...dpt email dr Kak Farah (from Puchong Perdana if not mistaken). Dia kata utk birthday anak dia nk bw sekolah, dia dah ada edible image ni lama dah, tapi org yg sepatutnya buat cake ni wen tfor 3 weeks training. First time buat wif edible nih, alhamdulila everything ok. Thanks a lot to Kak Farah for give me her trust to finish this cake. Thank you so much. (me: not satisfied with wording, still learning..:()

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kydhasmi said...

omg!yanie..x sangka pulak bday cake 'emergncy' firman ni awak post jugak kt sini..hihihi

like i said in my email, the cake was superb n e'body was happy with it. thanx 2 u n ur 'special skill' in handling emergency situations..kihkih (u knw wht i mean)

hopefully awak x serik la amik emergency orders from me again nxt time..ye?(will try my best to avoid though..)