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Sunday, January 31, 2010

This entry is like first big project (not so big actually..hehehe) for Walnutandalmond. Raihan order 50pcs moist choc cupcakes with dome casing and ribbon for her nikah ceremony. Congrats Raihan!!! Previously her sister ordered carrot cake for Engagement also in pink color. Guess she love pink so much.
Thank you Raihan coz sudi ordered from Walnutandalmond. Hope everything suit your requirements. :)

'S' size - 50pcs
Moist choc cupcakes
Buttercream with dome casing & ribbon

2 Delicious Comments:

raihanmahpot said...

kak yani, thanks a lot..sgt sweet cuppies tu.:) my frens sume suke.hehe..thanks ye..

Home Made Recipe said...

welcome raihan...lega dgr pengantin suke..selamat pengantin baru..:)