Engagement Cake-Effa & Eddy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Effa ordered this for her engagement ceremony. Supposed to deliver morning, but that day 'mabuk' yg mmg xlarat nk drive..:(..sorry effa lmbt hantar...n also baru nk upload picture ni today..anyway, congrats yer...Effa ni dulu pernah ordered utk bfren dia(now dah jadi tunang)...thanks effa for your order.

Moist choc cake 
Buttercream + edible

 Special box with window
Suitable for cake
Can choose color or texture of box

1 Delicious Comments:

Anonymous said...

It's so long br bley bg komen...agak bz gk la skrg nie...nway, thnx 4 yr cake...it's look great n tasty wlpn sy xrs...hehe
sori coz awk kene deliver gk time tue wlpn pn x chat...sy mmg xsmpt nk amik time tue, super duper bz...
ape2 pn, thnk u so much...